The Magic of Big Sur Jade, a short story

Yesterday, Rock Knocker went to his dentist in Morro Bay and called me after to let me know how happy he was with the cost of his new teeth.

 Today, I went to Home Depot in Atascadero. My dog sitter was with me. I took a piece of red oak plank to be cut. The young man who cut it complimented the dog sitter on the jade he was wearing. (Brought back from NZ for dog sitting.) I complimented him on the jade he was wearing. “Big Sur Jade,” he said. 

“We are from Big Sur, just above Jade Cove.” I said.

He whips out his cell phone to show me a photo of a nice blue jade piece. “This guy at the dentist’s office where my girlfriend works gave everyone in the office a pocket piece of Big Sur Jade yesterday.” 

“Does your girlfriend workin Morro Bay?” 

“Yes, how did you know?” 

“That guy is my ex, and current, Rock Knocker.” 

“Wow. What is your name?” Introductions and smiles all around.

Ah, yes. The Magic of Big Sur Jade.

8 thoughts on “The Magic of Big Sur Jade, a short story

  1. That really is fabuloso. I have never once in a lifetime of dentist love hate thought of bringing something (other than problems and money) TO a dentist, and RK may have permanently altered my thinking about the whole thing. What a guy. Well, what a couple ex-or-otherwise you are. And to give the dentist and entire office the experience of actually looking forward that much to a patient. Good goin’.
    Hope the construction is going brilliantly too, the no-tooth kind, of your house.

  2. Love the serendipity and the magical “glue” of Big Sur jade!

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