Panga Boat off South Coast of Big Sur

KION states that law enforcement is responding to reports of a panga boat carrying marijuana off the Big Sur coast near the SLO/MoCo County Line. It is actually at mile 18, which puts it A little over 4 miles north of Sand Dollar Beach. Some good photos on KION.


Peanut Wildfire update

As of 9:00 am, Per FHL FD, the Peanut Fire is OUT. The young man had no information about whether the N-F Rd was open or closed at this time.

Reporter comment – there is still residual smoke in the area, but very foggy on the coast, so most people won’t notice.

Stoney Valley Wildfire (Peanut Wildfire)

Yesterday, I was busy, but I kept noticing what I thought might be smoke, and then last night, I thought I smelled it. I convinced myself it was really just clouds and fog, and the smell was my imagination. Then, this morning, at 2:30 am, I found myself awake, and listening to several very low flying planes, and so began to check my usual internet sites. Bingo. From yesterday: (don’t know that planes are connected, but at least they got me looking.)

“06/11/2015 12:16 FHL-1570

PF (1502)

P5ENOG 0507 Mutual Aid

PFJR83 1502 Additional Forest Resources. PEANUT Wildfire Naciemento Ferguson Road at Stony Valley . BC11LPF CRW4LPF CRW528LPF E15LPF 4X4 E17LPF E18LPF E319LPF E335LPF PAT17LPF Q (IC) SEXTON, BRIAN Effective 06/11/2015 Grass 700 (acres)”

And then a bit later, on wildlandfire: “Sounds like they’re going to do a large burn show to tie it in. 3000 acres is AFTER they burn.”