Plaskett Fire

7:00 am-  Sun, 6/14, all quiet on Plaskett.

10:30 pm – no action thru here since 9. The IC is a man who was born here, and whom I’ve known since he was in … Well, elementary school. He is 3rd or 4th generation local. I can rest easy tonight. Oh, and his twin came thru on the Cal Fire truck. Doesn’t get any better. Thanks, You two! (I’d mention your names, but we all know who you are.) g’nite, all!

9:01- USFS Crew truck just came through.

8:27 Bombers on. Direct path overhead. Where’s my camera?

8:15 – Cal Fire just came through. They said a few acres. Bombers hitting it hard.

7:55 pm – sounds like the air show is starting! Yeah! Hope they can knock it down before dark!

7:45 pm – see last blog entry for beginning of this story.  I went down a bit to take a look, and got some photos. It’s going good, but it’s funny, as I knew it would happen as I saw a camp fire smoking at 10:30 am on my way to the muster. I told Ryan Webster of the PV Station about it at the muster, and described the campsite, the 7 or so trucks, 1/2 dozen dirt bikes, etc. AAND the photos I took! So when they got the report, he knew EXACTLY where it was. I took some photos and will try to post, but I’ve not been having much luck today.

06/13/2015 18:34 LPF-1609

P5 JSH4 (0507)

Plaskett Wildfire Plaskett Ridge Rd 3 miles up from Hwy 1 . 7EDW1 BC12LPF D450 E15LPF 4X4 E19LPF PAT17LPF Q . . . 35.927 x 121.432


6:45 pm – about an 1/2 hour ago, I first noticed drift smoke between Prewitt Ridge and Cone Peak … Couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I now see drift between me and Willow Creek. More drift between Prewitt and Cone Peak. If I had to guess, I’d say from FHL. It is past my fur kids dinner time, so I did a quick search and found this … 

06/13/2015 18:34 LPF-1609

New Wildfire . . . . . . 35.927 x 121.432

Not to helpful, cuz every time I try to fit cordinates to a location, I end up in China! but it confirms what I can see. Let me deal with the dogs, and then I will make some calls, look at few sites, and let you know what I find.