6:45 pm – about an 1/2 hour ago, I first noticed drift smoke between Prewitt Ridge and Cone Peak … Couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I now see drift between me and Willow Creek. More drift between Prewitt and Cone Peak. If I had to guess, I’d say from FHL. It is past my fur kids dinner time, so I did a quick search and found this … 

06/13/2015 18:34 LPF-1609

New Wildfire . . . . . . 35.927 x 121.432

Not to helpful, cuz every time I try to fit cordinates to a location, I end up in China! but it confirms what I can see. Let me deal with the dogs, and then I will make some calls, look at few sites, and let you know what I find.

7 thoughts on “Wildfire

  1. It’s a fire in top of Prewitt ridge and it’s only 1/2 acer, 3 tankers a helicopter and ground crews should have it out by this evening.

  2. Meant plaskett ridge. My phone changed it. Those campers need to be more careful.

  3. It was 3 acres, last I heard, from Cal Fire when they came through. 3 miles up Plaskett, per USFS, not the top, as that’s where I am, and no fire right here.😉 but thanks for info.

  4. What’s the update on the Plaskett fire from last evening? Who and how was it started? To what exent/size? I’m reading mixed reports.

  5. Last word was it was sized up at 3.1 acres. It was human caused. Don’t know which humans or how. Could have been the illegal campfire I saw, or the gunshots a neighbor across canyon heard. I drove by at 5 pm, and was nothing at that time. My one and only neighbor spotted it and called it in about 6:30 pm. Frankly, it was an idiot, and it doesn’t matter what form the idiocy took to me. Same result.

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