Plaskett Fire

7:00 am-  Sun, 6/14, all quiet on Plaskett.

10:30 pm – no action thru here since 9. The IC is a man who was born here, and whom I’ve known since he was in … Well, elementary school. He is 3rd or 4th generation local. I can rest easy tonight. Oh, and his twin came thru on the Cal Fire truck. Doesn’t get any better. Thanks, You two! (I’d mention your names, but we all know who you are.) g’nite, all!

9:01- USFS Crew truck just came through.

8:27 Bombers on. Direct path overhead. Where’s my camera?

8:15 – Cal Fire just came through. They said a few acres. Bombers hitting it hard.

7:55 pm – sounds like the air show is starting! Yeah! Hope they can knock it down before dark!

7:45 pm – see last blog entry for beginning of this story.  I went down a bit to take a look, and got some photos. It’s going good, but it’s funny, as I knew it would happen as I saw a camp fire smoking at 10:30 am on my way to the muster. I told Ryan Webster of the PV Station about it at the muster, and described the campsite, the 7 or so trucks, 1/2 dozen dirt bikes, etc. AAND the photos I took! So when they got the report, he knew EXACTLY where it was. I took some photos and will try to post, but I’ve not been having much luck today.

06/13/2015 18:34 LPF-1609

P5 JSH4 (0507)

Plaskett Wildfire Plaskett Ridge Rd 3 miles up from Hwy 1 . 7EDW1 BC12LPF D450 E15LPF 4X4 E19LPF PAT17LPF Q . . . 35.927 x 121.432

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  1. We are following this fire. I’m on the food fire crew and will be on scene if we are needed.

    Bill cox
    U.S. Foods

  2. Cool, Bill. I hope it doesn’t last that long! I’m in its path! But I do have a great place to set up. Used it to give coffee to the guys coming off the line and going on during the Wild Fire of 1996, borrowed a 50 cup pot from the school.😉


  3. A little too close to home. I hope it’s out by now and that they were able to identify the morons that started it.

  4. I’ve got photos of the probable culprits. And yes, too close to home … But, you know, XT, when it hits this close, this early, it helps me check my level of comfort and preparedness, and I feel really good! So … But my weed eater and tree trimmer are both coming Monday … Good timing!


  5. On Friday I stopped at three large fires between Prewitt and Hwy 1, had them put them out. One group was very large. This was between 10 and 12 p.m. They might have been encouraged by the large fires at Kirk Creek campground. Do we need a night patrol? Should we re-form the south coast irregulars?

  6. Tip…to make Google Earth understand those coordinates simply put a dash, negative, before the longitude: “35.927 -121.432” we are west, or left, of England so the negative or the letter W is required. China is E, positive longitude, from England.

  7. Hi guys,

    I’m from the camp with dirtbikes described in this post and stumbled across this post trying to find more info about the status of this fire…

    Just to clear this up. We were absolutely NOT the culprits of this fire… a guy in a black jeep drove up to tell us that he accidentally started the fire. We came down around the bend to try to help put it out but it was already raging… The guy in the jeep already spoke to the ranger I believe… but we also gave them his name and plate.


    – jason

  8. What’s the update on the Plaskett fire from last evening? Who and how was it started? To what extent/size? I’m reading mixed reports

  9. Was camping near the fire (no campfire). You took our picture that morning! We were right down the road from the big group you mentioned in your post. We heard a guy yelling fire and help. Jumped in car to see if we could help. It started along the side of the road BELOW us and the big group. It was not at a campsite. The guy said he was turning around. I assume a hot tail pipe caught the grass near the road. We tried to put it out with the small amount of water we had on hand, but it was too much for us. Went to camp host at Plaskett Creek campground, but could not locate. Drove to Gorda and called 911 from pay phone. I’m sure there are plenty of idiots who have illegal campfires, however, this was not the cause.

  10. Kate thanks for keeping us all up to date on this . Gary has been reporting in. Please let us know how best to approach campers with camp fires when we come across them. Is there something you say or an approach you find works (gets them to put out the fires)?

    Kelley and Mike (down the hill)

  11. BTW we have an excede dish. Works great but the data limits can be frustrating.

  12. Great! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that was cleared up. That is also not the vehicle I saw down there in the spot where the fire started. But Jason, you guys did have a campfire that Saturday morning when I drove by. I got photos of it. Fortunately, there was no wind on your campfire or the wildfire, or we all wouldn’t have been so lucky. Right now, humidity is in the single digits, so ANY spark from ANYTHING can set this forest on fire. Glad you got his info and made sure Ryan or Casey got it. Next time you come up, remember, NO CAMPFIRES. It is only the middle of June. We have a long, long,summer ahead.

  13. Just saw Jason’s reply. I can confirm that the guy yelling fire/help was in a black Jeep Cherokee. He told us the same thing, that he accidentally started the fire when trying to turn around on the road. He wasn’t camping there nor was there a place to camp where the fire started. We were camping 100 yards up the road.

  14. Yup, lots of dried leaves down below where you were. Odd place to turn around though. He did the right thing. You all did … Well except for Jason’s group having an illegal campfire, that is. 😉

    bigsurkate on iPhone


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