Lighthouse Wildfire

6:45 update – eyewitness says ff are on it and should be able to control it.

reported to be in grass, should be able to control easily, but it is impacting traffic on Highway One.

07/28/2015 17:46 LPF-2227
Lighthouse Wildfire MM 1 53.9 M . BC12LPF CRW7LPF E15LPF 4X4 E319LPF PAT18LPF Q BC12, Krenkel, Luke Effective 18:05 . . 36.308 x 121.884

~ by bigsurkate on July 28, 2015.

7 Responses to “Lighthouse Wildfire”

  1. Which lighthouse? Point Sur or Piedras Blancas?


  2. Pt Sur, which probably puts the fire on the Hill ranch


  3. Thanks, Lois


  4. Pt Sur



  5. I don’t remember fires there at all before. Did they have to move cattle out? I hope the spectacular stand of trees south is safe. I can’t imagine there’s much burnable up to the lighthouse so I’m thinking they’ve got a fantastic view but out of harm’s way. Thanks for the report, Kate. I understand Yosemite’s had a fire.


  6. Report on the CHP dispatch of a fire above the Rocky Point Restaurant with “large flames and smoke” at 5:30 this morning. None of my friends in that neighborhood seem to have noticed it, though.


  7. Nothing now, at 11:00 am. Did find this on WildCAD

    08/01/2015 05:30 LPF-2261 New Wildfire Rocky Point near the restaurant . . . . . 36.403 x 121.913



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