Foto Friday – Birds of a feather

image image imageI am a happy blogger. I have my new satellite installed, got my new AirPort Extreme for wireless, and I am really up and running, now.

Given my internet challenges have been resolved, I am now free to upload more than one photo and to receivephotos for posting from readers. An amazing lack of frustration here. I do have to watch my data useage, as I got the middle plan, or 15 GB per month. I’m probably using that, too, as I have been catching up with upgrades and doing things I squally wait to do with a town run.

I had actually picked about 6 to upload, but some of them seem to be stored in the cloud … Or something. All these bird shots are from my Africa trip last year. 😉

9 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Birds of a feather

  1. Good news! Happy for you, Kate. I, for one, appreciate your blog more than you may realize.

  2. Kate, I don’t want to presume, but I also want to reach out to all who benefit from your presence at Command Central. Y’all, can we not find a way to compensate Kate for the data she uses to our benefit? In other words, can’t we fund a HUMUNGOUS data package so that Kate doesn’t have to worry about how she can pay for the information that is so vital to so many? I’m happy to coordinate from my outsider’s perch in Santa Cruz, but I’m not a member of all the lists & groups & clans & covens that might be interested. Help me put this together.

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