Final update tonight on fires

And  I will leave you with this gorgeous shot by SLOStringer.


Tassajara has retardant on the flanks, and from here,  it looks like it is laying down. We will know for sure in the morning, but for now, I am signing off.

oh here’s the photo from Joel DeMaria, as promised. BTW, you can listen to scanner feeds on broadcastify. You must join, but it is free. I can’t hear well enough to make use of it, thus far, but I try.


Fire Photos, Sat. 9/18

imageThe one below is by Ernest A Long, taken from the baseball fields in Carmel Valley. Thank you Earnest


The first one is from my house on the South Coast, probably both fires.

i also have a great one by Joel DeMaria I will try and upload … Which is so easy with my new internet, although I can see I am going to be WAY over my data limit!

Wildfire on 68

Also, a serious fire on 68. Highway closed in both direction and evacuations taking place. There is a possible third fire, but it could be from the Santa Lucia Preserve Fire (Cachagua and Tassajara) Large plume per reporting party. And finally, the River Fire at 17 and Pine Canyon. Whew. Will take me a while to dig up more details on the two major ones.

wildfire at Tassara & Cachagua Rds

Wildfire in Tassajara & Cachagua

SLU sent 5 units to assist. The South Coast Ridge Rd is probably a campfire.

09/19/2015 15:06 LPF-3009
New Wildfire Tassajara Rd @ Cachagua ( Carmel River Vly) . 7EDW1 BC12LPF E18LPF E31LPF 4X4 PAT19ALPF . . . 36.390 x 121.596
09/19/2015 14:40 LPF-3008
New Wildfire so coast ridge rd . . . . . 36.004 x 121.447

El Niño Journal – Jan 4,1998

“Sunday, Jan 4th – 1.7″ last night and it’s still raining today. Lots of wind at the moment.”

Didnt have any weather watching/recording equipment back then, except a couple plastic rain gauges. I did keep track on my calendar of how much rain I got each day and night, as well as the total to-date for the season. I kept them all, too…I just have to find them!