Fire Photos, Sat. 9/18

imageThe one below is by Ernest A Long, taken from the baseball fields in Carmel Valley. Thank you Earnest


The first one is from my house on the South Coast, probably both fires.

i also have a great one by Joel DeMaria I will try and upload … Which is so easy with my new internet, although I can see I am going to be WAY over my data limit!

6 thoughts on “Fire Photos, Sat. 9/18

  1. I can send a couple of pics from Carmel Valley – both Corral de Tierra and Tassajara fires.

  2. Good Luck and God Bless everyone.
    We do understand the feeling…
    Victor and Laura

  3. Some people on Cachagua Road being evacuated. I heard started 3:30pm in 30 acres and up to 300 acres by 5pm. Neighbor says two big old empty red barns on Cachagua engaged. About 1/2 mile from Trampa Canyon (off Cachagua Rd). Black sky over mid valley, but (hopefull this) blue sky band along east horizon. One firetruck added about an hour ago, around 6pm racing out CV Road. But no further trucks. Black cloud IS NOT WORSE. Again, widening band of blue sky on east horizon. Cars going out. No further word about Laureles Grade on 68 side.
    Thanks Kate, keep up posted.

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