Final update tonight on fires

And  I will leave you with this gorgeous shot by SLOStringer.


Tassajara has retardant on the flanks, and from here,  it looks like it is laying down. We will know for sure in the morning, but for now, I am signing off.

oh here’s the photo from Joel DeMaria, as promised. BTW, you can listen to scanner feeds on broadcastify. You must join, but it is free. I can’t hear well enough to make use of it, thus far, but I try.


~ by bigsurkate on September 19, 2015.

3 Responses to “Final update tonight on fires”

  1. We are up on Laureles Grade…near the summit…I could see the smoke from the Tassajara fire several hours ago…pretty scary…can’t see the Salinas fire, but am hoping they are getting that one under control. We are sheltering in place, and keeping our fingers crossed that this will all be contained/out soon. Praying for the folks at Coral De Tierre…hope they are all safe. Damn fires…


  2. Laureles is all but out, so you are good.


  3. Sounds like a miracle. Way to go, home team!
    No sense of any increase here in more trucks or personnel, it’s very quiet, zero sirens, no sign of through traffic being halted on CV Road heading to Cachagua. That band of blue sky at the east horizon kept broadening and the black sky was contained, it moved from east to overhead and then to the west and began to dissipate at sundown. The moon’s orangey-yellow. Probably made for a pretty sundowner. I’m praying for rain.

    Thanks again, Kate, and all with info. Such a comfort.


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