Tassajara Fire Updates, 9/20/15

it is 3 am – my dogs decided to do a howling routine, my internet is unlimited between midnight and 5, so doing a bit of catch up on the five. Laureles is looking good, Tassajara is not.

11:00 PM Monterey County fire update, Cal Fire Command confirmed:

Tassajara Fire now at 1200+ acres continuing to burn actively towards the SE. 10% containment. Mandatory evacuation for Parrot Ranch. Evacuation advisory for Cachagua and Jamesburg areas. Hard closure for CVR near Cachagua.

Laureles Fire 60%+ contained. Possible full containment by midnight through early morning. Soft closure for Hwy 68 from San Benancio to Laureles Grade.

here is a photo by Dan Dambom of last night’s smoke filled sunset


3 thoughts on “Tassajara Fire Updates, 9/20/15

  1. 9Monterey County NOW has an update of sorts, Laureles 60% contained, Cachagua~ four structures burnt, Parrot Ranch evacuated, mandatory evac for residents on Cachagua and Tassajara roads, and 1200 acres engaged (from overnight-not an updated number).
    Mid-Valley strong smell of smoke in the air but only closest, hovering over the hills to the east horizon orange-pink sky.
    Pretty damn frightening. I was here in the 2008 fire when Big Sur and Cachagua had twin conflagrations.
    Carmel Valley has some good level staging areas, last time (I hope we don’t need a repeat) FEMA set up a camp at the old air field by the CV Post Office. Huge operation. FEMA does a lot of screwing up with locals, as Big Sur knows, and will do more to cause trouble getting into and out of homes and rescues. I hope they’ve learned something. I hope we don’t need them.
    The areas burning, as far as I can tell, are highly populated. That initial first intersection just off CV Road has homes on both sides and up the hill, beautiful Parrot Ranch has a lot of people and farm animals, hand built homes. There are vineyards further out.
    I’m devastated for friends, for the land and homes and buildings, and especially for the animals, many live in Cachagua and Tassajara, bless them all.
    The temperature is in the 60’s (guessing) cool enough for jackets and Uggs, and the wind about zero.

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