Tassajara Fire Update, 9/21/15

imageThe 7:30am report from Cal Fire: Tassajara Fire is still at 30 percent containment, 1,086 acres. I will post additional information and links as they become available, but the first thing that comes to mind is donations to Cachagua Volunteer Fire Department. I am sure thei resources have been tapped. Consider a donation. When a community fundraiser is anticipated, I will provide notice of how you can help.

3 thoughts on “Tassajara Fire Update, 9/21/15

  1. Kate, thanks! We’re still in Monterey awaiting word of our house and our neighbors. The road remains closed.

    Cachagua Fire has some of the best dozer operators in the country, and in the Basin Complex, they were responsible for cutting firebreaks quickly and safely. Cachagua Fire deserves thanks from us all, and support if you can afford it. Bob Eaton, a Cachagua Firefighter, lost his home while out driving an Engine, saving other properties. Time to rally support for these friends and neighbors who rise to the call!

  2. Kelly! So good to hear from you! So glad to hear you are okay, and hoping your house is as well. You were the very next thing on my list this am – to contact you to make sure you two were okay and to get word on your house, if you had it. I agree – Cachagua Fire, like our own BSVFB is a god-send, and deserving of all the support we can provide. I Will continue to make note of that on my blog in the days to come. Hugs, and please let me know if there is anything else I can do for the community and for you.

  3. So touching to read, I’m so sorry for people losing their homes, I hope there’s only good news here on out. Kelly, best of luck to you and your neighbors.

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