5 thoughts on “Here It comes …

  1. It was certainly great to see the blue spot (which is how rain appears on BBC World weather service) hovering over the homeland…

  2. We’ve been traveling thru it from the north. Got out of yosemite before the snow started. Expecting 8-12″ for yesterday and today. Snow pack will help the drought even more than the rain will. Lake Don Pedro on 120 is almost dry! It is frightening. Merced River still flowing well, but man that reservoir!


  3. Very glad for the rain but I don’t ”like” the cold, just hit the button to let you know I’m glad you’re there being Kate and keeping track of our atmosphere.
    I wonder if any obedient gardeners, now faced with rain from the
    California skies after all and observing the drought as a periodic phenomenon exacerbated by politics, will be throwing their torn out sod patches and destroyed geraniums at Jerry Brown and Sacremento. Nah. It must be the conservatives who did it. Certainly not the thinking of radicals.
    Speaking of radicals….The store manager at Safeway this morning was overheard (by me) telling a distraught customer (not me, mother of 4) that pumpkins this year will be 1)scarce and 2)pricey. Because there was rain in the midwest! And no one got the pumpkins into a dry place — so they rotted!
    I asked the manager if it was the first time it ever rained in the midwest. He wasn’t sure.
    You might want to add a note to your weather updates as to the planet we’re living on, sharing with each other. And when it’s safe to go outdoors. And when the price of a head of Salinas lettuce will drop from $3.50 a head.

  4. Glorious rain today. Returning from a shoot at mile marker 41 on Highway One I hit a deluge at Carmel Highlands. It was a magnificent downpour. Almost thinking we can kiss this drought goodbye. They are saying this is not El Nino related but what do ‘they’ know. Loving the wetness and the forest has waited too long for this well deserved drink.

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