Rain Report

My weather station reports .69″ for today. Got caught in a major downpour on the highway around 3:00. Dave Allen at the school told me their weather station reported .6″ during that 5 minute downpour, with a previous .3″ for a prior downpour.

Highway One in amazingly good shape today, as was Plaskett. Nice to be home. Yosemite is very beautiful, but so is home. Also, my dogs are here. 😘 Did have an amazing dinner, on the recommendation of Dan Danbom, at the Groveland Hotel. It is 160 year old Adobe. The most extensive wine list I have ever seen – a huge book of selections.

~ by bigsurkate on November 9, 2015.

2 Responses to “Rain Report”

  1. For Nov. 8-9 I have had 1.15″ here at ZenTurk Farm in western Adelaida, 12 miles NE of Cambria. That’s pretty amazing considering that the Las Tablas CDF station 3 miles back down the road is reporting only 0.6″. But they use an automated tipping gauge there. I don’t trust them. I had one. It never came close to matching the results from my various, scattered manual gauges.


  2. I’m thinking of supplementing with my manual gauge, myself. Don’t feel like I’m getting the real story, when there is 2″ in the cat bowl since last night, but my automatic gauge says .69″



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