Weather Report from atop a mountain, 11/24/15

5:00 pm – final report today, unless all hell breaks loose. .32″ rain, 38 degrees outside, 62 degrees inside. I watched the VHS of the news reports of Feb 1998 and the Cal Trans tape of the Duck Pond, 1993. Fascinating stuff. Rain fall totals in 1998 surpassed 1995 when the Carmel bridge went out, and the El Niño of 1982-1983. I spent several hours trying to digitalization these, but no luck, yet. Will try again after Thanksgiving. Didn’t get the soup made today, so gotta get on it tomorrow.

1:00 pm – it’s raining cats and dogs. Just .21″ so far, but it is still early.It is 47 degrees outside and 64 in. I finally figured out my new VHS/DVD recorder/converter. I am pretty savvy, but I swear, an Electrical Engineering degree, or IT degree would have been handy. I found a Cal Trans VHS of the Duck Pond taken in 1993 after it started moving – 22 years ago, and I get to save it for future road nuts! Someone had climbed up the hill and recorded all the cracks, following them down to the road, and the water fall coming off the mountain. Fascinating, if you are a geologist or road nut. Rock Knocker will be tickled on Thanksgiving. I will make him a DVD, and also make one for our current Supervisor  Greg De Alba. He can get a close up look at what Mother Nature is capable of doing on his road! Next up, 1998 Storm reports from KION and KSBW. I hope to break my rule about uploading videos to my blog, and post a few minutes at a time, if I can figure that out!

At 8:00 am – it started drizzling, soft and gentle. It was 45 outside and 57 inside. I started a fire in one part of the house, and set up the propane heater in another. Trying to stay head of the cold. Will update as weather dictates. Stay safe and warm out there. As for me, I will be working on my butternut squash and apple soup for Thanksgiving. Also got my VHS to DVD converter yesterday, so hope to start converting the 1998 storm report news segments from VHS to DVD. Rock Bob recorded them for me in town in the way back times (17 years, actually.)

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