Dawn and Snow on Cone Peak


~ by bigsurkate on November 25, 2015.

6 Responses to “Dawn and Snow on Cone Peak”

  1. Stunning Kate!


  2. I miss my mountain. Once, in 1987, I think, I woke up on a June morning at the lookout and there was 3 solid inches all over the peak! Cold, of course I didn’t have much more than a jacket and hiking boots, but I layered on all my clothes and went out to build a little snow person after I took the weather report and called it in to Los Padres. The snow stayed for 3 days……. Thank you for the gorgeous photos. very evocative. Cone Peak


  3. Magnificent! Thanks for sharing such a stunning view. Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Those are beautiful photos, Kate.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. gotta paint that!
    Time to break out my “Emergency Watercolor Set”!


  6. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you, Kate!


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