Storm Door to Open Next Week

imageReports aren’t quite consistent about when they will open, but some reports have it opening as early as Sunday afternoon. The biggest storm seems to be anticipated for Tuesday. Here is one graphic from Daniel Swain of Weather West:


My SLO forecaster writes:

“A major change in the weather pattern is underway as the
jet stream/storm track drops farther southward, increases
in speed and takes a more direct route across the Pacific
toward California.

These Upper-level winds will direct a series of low pressure
systems of varying strength into the Central Coast through
the first part of January, if not longer. Starting Sunday,
each day of the upcoming week is expected to receive
measurable precipitation. Total rainfall amounts for this
upcoming week are expected to range between 3 and 4 inches
with higher amounts in the Santa Lucia mountains.”

And here is one from NOAA showing the anticipated rainfall amounts:


7 thoughts on “Storm Door to Open Next Week

  1. As am I! This will be your first El Niño on the Central Coast, and you are in for some excitement! I know there’s a little adrenaline junkie in you, or you wouldn’t have been a firefighter!


  2. That is a perfect banner header.
    Dan- nice lighting, setting, timing.
    Old Coast Road, Bixby, Santa Lucia’s, sky, Pacific, sunset…

    …and rain is coming.

  3. Yup … Doesn’t get any better than this … Well, much better, anyway. He made and sent this to me in early December, but I almost forgot about it! Old timer’s disease.


  4. Camping my way from Portland to San Diego the end of this month should be very exciting. Love the header!

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