Highway One Closure, 1/15/16

From a long time South Coaster: “FYI: Slide just on the bend coming up out of Partington Canyon, south bound. [PM 37.9] Returning from town today about 5:30 or so waited about a half hour and caught in a long line with Cal Trans crews letting cars through one lane open at a time. No big deal but it was unstable and close to dark so wondered if the road might be going to close overnight. I will keep an eye on your website to see if you get the scoop.”

Colin Jones at Caltrans says Highway 1 will be closed overnight just south of Coast Gallery (MM 40.9) to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (MM 36.0).
The closure will start at sundown and they will re-evaluate at first light tomorrow morning.

CHP website is presently misreporting the incident at “Pfeiffer Big Sur Main Entrance Road” and Colin will be calling them to get that corrected.