Highway One Closure, 1/15/16

From a long time South Coaster: “FYI: Slide just on the bend coming up out of Partington Canyon, south bound. [PM 37.9] Returning from town today about 5:30 or so waited about a half hour and caught in a long line with Cal Trans crews letting cars through one lane open at a time. No big deal but it was unstable and close to dark so wondered if the road might be going to close overnight. I will keep an eye on your website to see if you get the scoop.”

Colin Jones at Caltrans says Highway 1 will be closed overnight just south of Coast Gallery (MM 40.9) to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (MM 36.0).
The closure will start at sundown and they will re-evaluate at first light tomorrow morning.

CHP website is presently misreporting the incident at “Pfeiffer Big Sur Main Entrance Road” and Colin will be calling them to get that corrected.


3 thoughts on “Highway One Closure, 1/15/16

  1. I can confirm, road is closed overnight, Caltrans turning vehicles back in both directions.

  2. Cal Trans is working on it. Appears one lane is open, and the other to be shortly. Seems to have stopped moving for the moment, but with all the rain expected by Tuesday, could easily close again.


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