Flash Flood Watch

imageThe National Weather Service has issued flash flood watch for Santa Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, Southern Monterey Bay, and Big Sur Coast from late tonight through Tuesday morning. If you plan on traveling through FHL, call 831-386-2513 for up-to-date on info on road conditions.

i will wait on the 1998 excerpt, as this makes my third post today – all important, and necessary.

4 thoughts on “Flash Flood Watch

  1. Saw two mallard ducks swimming on the CV river this morning, actually just letting the swift current move them sans effort. What a joy to see, the river is quite swollen and deep, and here comes more.
    I think it’s lovely, I’m so sick of the scary radio weather reports as if we’ve never had weather before. I lived through three years in the Blue Ridge mountains of minus 20 degree winters and spring floods, and I was the only one in town remotely excited. All the locals went to the Food Lion (aka Safeway) , parked the plows on higher ground, and put the horses in the barn. And none of the schools closed.
    And here as there, look at these spectacular cloud formations we’re getting!! Wowsa.
    Stay safe and dance in the rain.xxoo

  2. We had a Blue Heron hanging out on the Big Sur River this morning at Riverside Campground. He was stunning.

  3. I once danced with one on the bluffs overlooking Sand Dollar! What a treat! The gifts Mother Nature sends us. Be safe, and keep an eye on that river, Pam!


  4. That is something very memorable Kate. Yes we are keeping an eye on the river. Enjoy the rain and let’s all stay safe.

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