Road Conditions, 3/14/16

At 11:30 am I received this email:

“Just back from walking dogs @ Rocky Creek. Incident jno mm60 (which is just north of the new Rocky Creek viaduct) is entirely cleared. It looks to have been some stray branches from the Westmere cypress trees.” (Martha Diehl)

6:00 am – just got word from a local (sent t 12:30 am, but just received) that Nacimiento is closed due to slides.

As of 5:30 am the CHP website lists 3 areas of concern. (Try as I might, I can’t seem to copy and paste). From South to North they are: MM 26, 34, and 60. MM 26 is Gamboa Point, but the CHP lists it as just north of Limekiln State Park, which is actually closer to MM 20. This one is listed as rocks and boulders and barely enough room for a small car to get through. CHP says there is signage, but not enough. MM 34 is near Esalen’s South Coast Center, and 60 is just South of Palo Colorado Canyon. One of them is a tree that is crossing both lanes, but unclear which. Dawn is still a couple hours away, at which time dawn patrol will be out clearing the way. Until then, be careful, aware, and drive slowly.

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