Rainy Weekend on tap

From Daniel Swain of Weather West, Two storms approaching. First one from the South and the second from the North. They are expected to collide over Central California sometime this weekend. I’m looking forward to it.

“The rainy season is apparently not over yet, however, as a series of fairly robust storm systems are expected to sweep across all of California in the coming days. As of this writing, an unusually positioned cut-off low well to the southwest of Los Angeles is slowly moving northeastward, spreading mid and high-level subtropical moisture across the state. This low will continue to move closer to the SoCal coast tomorrow, bringing an increasing chance of showers in the very moist subtropical airmass. On Friday, this moisture plume will continue to spread northward, and showers will likely develop across most of NorCal as well. At the same time, a somewhat weaker but much colder Pacific system will begin to approach from the northwest, eventually merging somewhere near central California over the weekend. This is a rather “messy” pattern–with two lows interacting/merging directly over our region of interest. While the details are still a bit difficult to pin down, there is pretty high confidence in a period of rather active California weather beginning late Thursday and continuing at least through Monday.”