May Wildflowers on Plaskett Ridge

Here are just a few of the wildflowers I photographed on the way down Saturday.



And then there were –  what used to be the exceedingly rare, but much more prolific in the last few years – Charmin flowers.



7 thoughts on “May Wildflowers on Plaskett Ridge

  1. I love those wild irises! The same mimuluses now grow in my front yard. The white flowers at the bottom are disgusting.

  2. Ah, the non indigenous Charmin flower. They grow as well on pullouts up and down the Big Sur coast. People are nasty.

  3. That last shot certainly threw me for a loop. Poor Big Sur undone by its beauty that sucks even some of the more disgusting of us bipeds to it.

  4. Seen so much trash at the turnouts….disgusting g…so,the next day when I
    Came back,i came with garbage bags and gloves…got 4 large trash bags full from 6 turnouts! They barely fit in my back hatch….next time i come,in a couple of weeks,i will go to Walmart in Paso,buy some bags,and gloves and co it again…I truly love Big Sur,it shouldn’t be sullied by trash….

  5. I visit twice a year, april, and then in August…..this past April I never seen it look more beautiful,some of the hillsides looked almost lime green! And tons of lupine which are my fav…..I live in NY state, which has dreadful weather, 7,8 months of blah….to be blessed to see Big Sur and all it’s glories,its amazing geography,and amazing botany is truly profound…’s amazing to see redwoods not far from Monterey cypress, and valley oaks….and those amazing Santa Lucia pine! This past spring,in soberanes trail,again it as amazing to see cypress,then a whole hillside of cacti, then magnificent redwoods…

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