Soberanes Fire Rebirth

Gorgeous photo by my friend, Michael Troutman. Thank you for letting me “borrow” it. Time for a bit of good news and renewed hope. Life finds a way …


These are the beginnings of the new growth of the mighty Coastal Redwoods. Ah … I can breathe again!

~ by bigsurkate on October 6, 2016.

11 Responses to “Soberanes Fire Rebirth”

  1. Here is the silver lining. Redwood trees propagate by fire. It is the natural cycle of life.


  2. Thank you Kate. When I saw your headline I thought, OMG, now what? Then I looked at the photo and realized you meant the good kind of rebirth! I’ve followed your blog since the fire started…first thing every morning. We live in Corral de Tierra but have been Big Sur peeps at heart since the ’60s. I can’t thank you enough for your posts.


  3. Glad to be able to post good news, for a change. Up to 97% contained, and containment expected by Oct 15th. Yay!!



  4. very GOOD NEWS.


  5. And….the Manzanita is sprouting again. Remarkable. Life renews.


  6. Thank you !


  7. So lovely to see!!!


  8. Thank you Kate, for posting this beautiful photograph — and Michael, for sharing it with us.


  9. Gorgeous and heart-warming!


  10. Nature’s strength. ….Nature’s beauty!


  11. This photo brought tears to my eyes.


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