Weekend Storm System

From NOAA NWS, Monterey: “The next storm system forecast to affect the area over the weekend is expected to arrive on the north bay coast late Friday night into early Saturday,
with rain and showers persisting through the weekend. Rain will enter the North Bay first, then spread south and east from there. Latest model guidance continues to indicate that the frontal system will stall across the forecast area on Saturday as a second low forms off the southern California coast. This could lead to locally higher amounts of rainfall over the areas where the front stalls. Post frontal showers will then continue into Sunday and possibly Sunday night as the system slowly moves to the east. Rainfall estimates for the weekend give most urban areas from a half inch to 1.5″…with less across the southern inland areas. The coastal ranges are expected to see from 1.5 to 3 inches.”

4 thoughts on “Weekend Storm System

  1. Winds will be keeping me awake all night knowing anyone of those 102 M dead trees could fall at a moments notice.

  2. sending much love to all affected by fire and now storms. I’ve been enjoying seeing bright shoots of green pop up everywhere in Carmel Valley – but my joy is not complete knowing that Los Padres and all my Big Sur peeps are facing more challenges with the oncoming winds, rain, storms. Sigh… Ma Nature will recover – she always does – but my heart breaks not being able to help the land, and its people and animals and plants heal and come back to life – wish there was something I could do to ease the pain. Sending prayers of love to all 🙂

  3. GOES-R weather satellite launch also being delayed, no surprise rain in Carmel Valley nowhere to be seen. Why can’t these specialists get it right?

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