Mud Slide on Highway One at Capt Cooper

Well, this caught me by surprise, as I have only had .04″ today – but a mudslide near Captain Cooper closed the NB land and 1/2 the SB land, and to top it off, a volvo hit the mudslide. This is the first of the Soberanes Fire mudslides that I know of.

Okay, it has started, so pay extra attention and drive with care. Winter hasn’t even started yet.

3 thoughts on “Mud Slide on Highway One at Capt Cooper

  1. Wow – that is a nasty surprise. And kinda scary, considering how the system stayed more north than originally forecasted. Just a spital in Salinas and I didn’t get any. (River Road) While I know I’m in what they call a rain shadow, I didn’t even get any wind. Almost an eerie calm…
    Stay alert and stay safe everybody.
    Oh – what’s that? I hear rain on the vent. About time!

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