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9:30 am – from my son, Brendon, 1/2 hour ago:

“i just drove down from monterey and theres a ton of rocks on the road, locals go slow please, its a mess out there.”

Nepenthe reports 2.57″ of rain. I got a measley 1.1″

7:00 am – CHP is not reporting any slides on Highway One, but County Road 16, 1 mile east of Carmel Valley Village is blocked in both directions. As of 6 am, CORDS (Co. roads) is saying it will be several hours before they can get to it to clear the obstructions.

This will be one of “those kinds of days” so please, everyone report what you see. Above all else, be safe.

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  1. As of 7 am, County Roads had NOT yet arrived to start clearing it, so it will be closed a while longer. This is 1 mile east of the Village.

  2. Thank-you for the information. I couldn’t find anything online regarding this. But I also couldn’t find anything about CORDS either…

    County Road G16 goes from Highway 1 to Highway 101 and has several names. All distances are approximations.

    Highway 1 to Scarlett Road – Carmel Valley Road
    7 miles
    Scarlett Road to Carmel Valley (Village) – WEST Carmel Valley Road
    4.5 miles
    Carmel Village to Arroyo Seco Road – EAST Carmel Valley Road
    29 miles

    There are several more name changes, including Arroyo Seco Road turning into G17, where it turns into Fort Romie Road (never knew that!) and into River Road. I’ll wave to you as you drive by. You eventually get to Highway 68. River Road turns to Reservation Road (not sure if it’s still G17) and then you get back to Highway 1 (Marina, CA)

    Or you can stay on G16, now called Elm Ave, and you will get to Highway 101 – Greenfield, CA.

    Yes – can be confusing. So while I understand using County Road names (there are lots of “River Roads” out there) I would think it would be very useful to include the more local/common name.
    (This is not directed to you Kate but back to the original source. I have no doubt you have had to wade through stuff like this many, MANY times which just goes to shows how valuable your experience/blog is. Thank-you again for the amount of time and effort you put in.)
    Maybe for me only – You say Carmel Valley Road, I know the general area. You say G16 – not so much.
    Kinda like saying there’s an accident on Highway 101. (1540 miles long) Not very useful.
    In keeping with the current weather situation – Clear as mud!

    Maybe I should use my parcel number instead of my street address…. haha

  3. Mary, was that CVR or Highway One? Both addressed in this post. Denise, great info. I did say it was 1 mile east of CV Village, so that was very specific.

  4. This is not about road conditions….forgive me. This is about a well deserved story on our own Big Sur Kate in the new issue of Carmel Magazine. Her full page photo is lovely and endearing to all of us in Big Sur who rely on Kate for letting us know about our community in such a respectful intelligent manner. Thank you Kate and thank you Carmel Magazine for recognizing the importance this lady brings to our community.

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