MC Commercial?

4 pm – oops…Commercial moved off highway one as off 2:30 pm and up OCR at Molera

Around 10 am, on the way to town, it looked like they were setting up to do a MC Commercial on Bixby. There are cars, cops, etc. staging on the second turn out south of Bixby, and more staging, including motorcycles, at Notley’s Landing just south of Rocky Point. Nothing showing on CHP, but I witnessed them a little after 10 am. Be prepared. Will be heading back down later this afternoon, so will update when I get to River Inn.

~ by bigsurkate on November 22, 2016.

3 Responses to “MC Commercial?”

  1. MC probably catching up on all those opportunities lost over the summer – 2017 recovery & rebirth of the region is on the line.


  2. Interesting point.



  3. From what I saw at Dolan Ranch and Hurricane Point around 8am, looked like they were probably filming a Kawasaki dual sport motorcycle commercial – and the use of old coast road later in the day would support that notion too.


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