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  1. Yes it has been chilly… relatively speaking of course! Pool noodles work pretty good and I’m sure that if you can find them, they would be a hell of a deal this time of year. 😉
    OK – Big Sur Proper – Stay warm – stay safe and keep the home fires burning.

  2. Ice 1/4 inch of it on the rails and deck facing east, in all open to wind places. My poor fuchsia tree is drooping on top, I thought it in a warm enough fenced corner; the wild ginger looks shriveled and the azaleas went brown. Geraniums and ferns scared like me. Magnolia curled its toes.
    Yoiks, too awful. It seems counterintuitive but I have before hosed everything down in cold to bring up the temp, did it late this morning, not sure, any suggestions? Just wrapped what I could in plastic. My sheltered shaded outdoor thermometer read 26 this a.m. It’s 50 now.

  3. Holycowgirl – If the ground/pots are DRY, water when temps get above 40, as early in the day as possible. Better if done a couple days before frost. But with the recent rain, they shouldn’t need it. Pots and “protected” plants might. Mulch is your friend. Pine needles, straw, newspaper… Keep water off leaves! Also keep the plastic off leaves if possible and remove during the day when the sun hits it. I use tomato cages and rabbit fencing with clothesline clips to tent plants. Old sheets are better if it has to lay on the plants. Good luck and stay warm!

  4. It’s supposed to get down to 34 in Pacific Grove tonight! I’ve seen temps like this in late Dec before. You and the doggies stay warm tonight Kate!

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