15 thoughts on “HIGHWAY ONE TO CLOSE AT 4 PM

  1. Just want to verify that this is a closure for South hwy 1 @ Lucia? At least for now, based upon the increase in rain at 3:30.

  2. The closure is between “Paul’s slide” and the Hermitage driveway. People stopping in the Lucia store asking why it’s closed- like we did it?

  3. I made it to town! It was eerily quiet in Palo when I left. There were a bunch of modern tourists headed South taking coastal photos excited by the wind blowing through their hair. I guess they don’t know about your blog!

  4. LOL, yeah, they will get down to Lucia and … or if they run the barricades, the risk getting buried in mud and rock. Darwinism at work.


  5. Yes, Shane, the South Coast. Lucia to Ragged Point. This slide happened earlier in the day – mid morning, I think, but it kept at it all day. It will pick up again tonight.


  6. Has there been any seed soil recovery usgs surveys done on post fire replenishment areas since these storms have hit full vengeance?

  7. Santa Cruz County roads are also taking a beating with road closurers, slides, and sink holes.

  8. Kate, have you had any appearances at the Hearst Estate- is this place the jewel of SLO area off hwy 1?

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