Highway One to close tonight

UPDATE; Around 7:30 pm, the closure was pushed back to Fuller’s at MM 42. I know there is a tree blocking both lanes near Esalen, and there may be other issues I haven’t heard about.

Highway 1 will be closing at 4:30 PM tonight from Ragged Point to Lucia (MM 23)

10 thoughts on “Highway One to close tonight

  1. Pacific Valley School, on the south coast, will make it’s determination Monday a.m. Students were given home study packets on Thursday, before they went home.

  2. chamber of commerce twitter says rocky creek… any clarification? Don’t want my staff who live in town to get stuck here

  3. The highway is already closed at the Lucia end. About 3:45pm Travelers began stopping in Lucia Store asking about the closure a half mile south.

  4. Public Schools will be open tomorrow in the Carmel Unified School District. The only possible exception would be Captain Cooper….but at this point there is no plan to close any of our schools.
    Karl Pallastrini CUSD Board of Education

  5. Quite a change, no? Communication has stepped up the game. Has kept me (and others) very busy the last couple of days, but so worth it!


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