Rain & Road Reports, Sunday, 1/8/17

Incident: 00329 Type: Traffic Hazard Location: SR1 / BIG CREEK Loc Desc: NB JSO Lat/Lon: 36.069587 -121.599060
Detail Information
1:36 PM 2 [3] 1039 DOT

11:30 – Due to the current weather and road conditions, CPOA is postponing its Annual Meeting that was scheduled for this coming Tuesday. A new date will be announced in the near future.

oh, and btw, it is POURING here!

10 am – Several of our most talented and knowageable locals went and took a look at the log jam this am and came to this conclusion:

We (4 guys) got out this morning at first light to evaluate the Redwood log jam on the Big Sur River. We sized up the situation under some down pours and gusty winds. The location is north of Saint Francis Church and south of “Dorwood” which is just south of the Grange. We accessed river left from a foot bridge over the river at this location.

The trees are the victims of an eroded river bank on a piece of State Park property and may not be the only trees to ultimately end up in the River. River left is getting scoured and is undermining the root balls of the remaining trees.
(River side determined by facing down stream),

The obvious solution is to cut the ends of the trees in a way that allowed the trunks to rotate parallel with the flow of the river. And I’m prepared to jump in and just do it, but aside from the danger, it is entirely possible that the trunks could realign in a way that took out the remaining bridges (4) downstream. I’d rather not be known as the guy who took out Brewer’s Bridge.

Aside from the issue of staging, which might be insurmountable, getting a crane involved would be hairy as well, under the current circumstances. The river is pulsing with a lot of energy and the hydraulics could easily out wit and out muscle that piece of equipment.

So, as in most things involving nature, I think we let her take her course, cross our fingers and keep an eye on it until the river goes down

Highway One to open at 11 am.


9 am – San Lorenzo River predicted to top 21 feet by 9 pm this evening. Flood stage is 16.5 feet.

8:30 am –

Big Sur Station Rain Totals:
Storm Total: 4.46″ (since Friday at 4 p.m.)
Overnight Total: 1.4″ (since Saturday at 8 p.m.)
We still have electricity & internet.
The station will be open from 9-4 today. (Thank you Tim Bills)

7:45 am – it has been quiet here since midnight, except for the wind. Most of the lightning and thunder and hail between midnight and 1 am was to the north of here. Little rain at the moment, but predictions are the storm will move southward this afternoon. The road is open north of Lucia, apparently, as I have seen or heard nothing to indicate otherwise. CHP still lists the closures of Palo Colorado, OCR, and south from Lucia to Ragged Point. Crews are probably already out down here on the south end taking care of the constant slides. I am actually going to get my first cup of coffee before 8 am this morning. As always, I will be monitoring throughout the day. Stay safe and aware.

32 thoughts on “Rain & Road Reports, Sunday, 1/8/17

  1. Rain showers starting early for the valley, I guess I was looking for more out of the lightning show, the potent rain hit closer to the coastline than it did here.

  2. Big gusts of wind here but so far we still have electricity, phone & internet. Only 3/4″ of rain in the gauge this AM, and Joshua is running strong & a bit brown (vs previous black) but well within its banks. Driveway appears in fine shape as far as I can see from our gate. I would have to say so far so good here!

  3. I just let The Crossroads to head back to the Highlands. Recently the warning sign has reported Highway 1 closed at Lucia. Now it reports Highway 1 Closed. Period!!!

  4. Cal Trans website is incorrectly stating that Highway 1 is closed at Carmel Valley Road to 24.4 mi south of Big Sur. Thanks Cal Trans for causing half of my staff to wake me up to say they can’t make it down here. Luckily I was able to direct them here and to CHP to get accurate information.

  5. I never saw whatever your employees did. All I saw was the same one up last night re PC, OCR and Lucia to Co line. BUT, like I said, someone from the Highlands said the sign was changed from Lucia to just closed, no alternative route.


  6. Big Sur Station Rain Totals:
    Storm Total: 4.46″ (since Friday at 4 p.m.)
    Overnight Total: 1.4″ (since Saturday at 8 p.m.)
    We still have electricity & internet.
    The station will be open from 9-4 today.

  7. Carmel Valley Village is pretty quiet. Some wind yesterday, briefly, and a steady rain last night interspersed with a couple of brief downpours. Probably an inch or so of rain. The river is going fast–haven’t looked at it yet. Wind kicking up right now with a light rain and heavy clouds.

  8. We had 1 5/8 inches since 8 pm Saturday here in Seaside. Now cloudy with gusty SE winds. Breaks in the clouds.

  9. Judy Monterey near fairgrnds formerly greenridge 1.58 last nite .Gusty winds.Not raining now but windy.

  10. Big Sur Station Rainfall:
    8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. – .34″
    Storm Total – 4.8″

  11. I’ve been told by someone in the mix that the highway is now fully open, however, caltrans is still working the 3 or 4 active slides between Lucia and Ragged Pt. and also working cuts and pullouts, so anyone driving south of Lucia(or anywhere in Big Sur) should be very careful of rocks, slides and workers(they are extremely busy!).

  12. Heaviest Rain so far at the Big Sur Station:
    11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. = .95″
    Storm Total – 5.75″

  13. Big Sur Station Rainfall
    1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. – 1.07″
    Storm Total – 6.82″

  14. Yup, here we go. Thanks for your consistent reports. I really helps since the NWS automated gauge for Big Sur has been “missing” since the storm began.


  15. Big Sur Station Rainfall
    3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – .7 “”
    Storm Total – 7.52″
    As of 5 p.m., the rain has slowed considerably … hopefully the start of a longer break from the downpours.

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