19 thoughts on “Predicted Storm Total, Mon-Tues

  1. You mean it’s not over until the Fat Lady can get past the slides and reach the spot where she can sing…

  2. Good morning … any chance of an update on sycamore canyon and access to clear ridge through bridge n of river inn? Thanks for everything!

  3. As of last night both gates to clear ridge were open, although they were watching both , as there were potential for problems at both


  4. Big Sur River
    Gage height, feet
    Most recent instantaneous value: 8.26 01-10-2017 08:00 PST

    Hard to believe that’s a current reading but I’m relieved if it’s correct.

  5. Big Sur Station Rain Totals
    8 a.m. – 12 noon … .2″
    12 noon – 4 p.m. … .45″ (most occurring after 2 p.m.)
    Storm Total …. 9.43″ (since 1/7)
    Current River Gage Height … 8.34′ p

  6. Thanks, Tim.
    river level’s starting it’s climb again…
    Gage height, feet
    Most recent instantaneous value: 8.68 01-10-2017 16:45 PST

  7. Yes, and I’ve heard that predictions about the storm that will come in on the weekend of the 21st that it will be worse than what we have seen so far. I hope it is incorrect.


  8. the Big Sur river is rising quickly.
    Gage height, feet
    Most recent instantaneous value: 10.82 01-10-2017 20:15 PST

  9. ouch
    Gage height, feet
    Most recent instantaneous value: 11.30 01-10-2017 20:45 PST

  10. Looks like the peak level this week, so far.
    Gage height, feet
    Most recent instantaneous value: 12.01 01-10-2017 23:00 PST

  11. The rain has lessened considerably and the moon is showing through lightening clouds. It looks like the river has peaked as this reading is slightly below 23:30’s reading of 12.32 (I think).

    Gage height, feet
    Most recent instantaneous value: 12.25 01-10-2017 23:45 PST

  12. Hi Kate!

    Seems you, & you’re questioner/commenter are representative of our current Politics!, slipping? into the ‘I’m right, You are wrong’ trap. Hate this, so petty really, especially given the times we are in. It is what it is, & we are all I pray growing more aware of this egoic dance. Consciousness! please folks.

    I must admit that I too, as many likely, am not familiar w/ many of Kate’s, & past & present names of certain areas of our glorious Sur Coast. It’s common among us, that many are quick to go the defensive, feeling we’re being attacked somehow. But then that’s another subject my friends, Psych 101! Many of us understand that events occur for a reason, in my view, to bring more awareness, therefore bringing more growth around the matter. I had suggested to Kate awhile back, to attach a small area Map in her posts, showing the names (nicknames & otherwise!) & locations of areas affected. Seems a good fix for those of us not familiar with all the names.

    Many thanks Kate! for your tireless work on all of our ‘locals,’ & even close to locals behalf!

    Blessings, Jan 🎇

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