Update to Rain & Road Conditions, 1/11/17

Please note:  The public going AROUND fuller’s are being stopped at Lucia and sent all the way back, and cannot “sneak” through, per a local who was witnessing this this afternoon.  People who get a flat inside the closure areas will most likely NOT get roadside assistance and may risk a ticket and by the way, there is no cell service.


Good afternoon everyone,
Update to the Public and Locals in regards to HWY 1:

Thankfully, the slide at Fernwood (PM 47.03) has been cleared and Hwy. 1 at this location will open as of 4 pm. As of 5 pm this evening, January 11, the closure will be re-located down to Fuller’s (PM 42.2). Motorists can get from Carmel down past Big Sur to Fuller’s where there is more slide activity—much of this progress also depends on rain received tonight and tomorrow.

LOCAL RESIDENTS, EMERGENCY SERVICES AND EMPLOYEES will be allowed access from Fuller’s (PM 42.2) to Lucia (PM 23), as long as conditions allow.

School buses will continue with their usual routes–without having the parents meet the kids on the north side of the closure this afternoon–If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

LOCALS now have access to and from Ragged Pt. to Pitkins (PM 21.3). There are still multiple slides between Mud Creek (PM 8.8) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6).
but LOCALS needing access will be allowed in between.

So the update to the PUBLIC is:  HWY. 1 REMAINS CLOSED from Ragged Pt. (SLO PM 72.87) to Fuller’s (MON PM 42.2). The hotline recording will be updated to reflect the changes. Another update will be provided tomorrowmorning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Be safe out there.

Susana Z. Cruz
Caltrans District 5
Public Information Officer/

2 thoughts on “Update to Rain & Road Conditions, 1/11/17

  1. Is Fullers north or south of Nacimiento Road? Is Nacimiento an alrernate route to Esalen? Is CA 1 open from Carmel to Esalen?

  2. Fuller’s is quite a distance north of Nacimiento Road (about 25 miles). Esalen is about equidistant between the two locations. Nacimiento is also below the Paul’s Slide near Lucia, one of the worst trouble spots. So you would have to go through that to get to Esalen (Don’t even think of trying!). As per the update (above), you MIGHT be able to get to Esalen from the north (Carmel), but you must be a local resident or an employee to be allowed past Fuller’s. As for Nacimiento, it is really sketchy, even though the county road report says that it is open. One of our employees at the school and some families who live up there tried to get down, but were blocked by fallen trees. And they are not even going to risk trying it today! Best to stay put and lay low.

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