Mud Creek Closed to All

Subject: RE: Hwy. 1 Closure Update as of 10:20 am

Full Closure on Hwy. 1 to everyone (including local residents) at Mud Creek (MON PM 8.88) due to an active mudslide at this time.
There is no estimated time when this section of Hwy. 1 will re-open.
There is no limited access through this location at the present time.

Next Update this afternoon, Friday, Jan. 13, around 3 pm

– The northern closure moves down to Lucia (PM 23) at 8 am today and the southern closure remains at Ragged Pt. (SLO PM 72.87)

There is also still an active slide at Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6).

5 thoughts on “Mud Creek Closed to All

  1. Looks like I’ll be traveling home via Nacimiento Rd this afternoon/early eavening, unless Mud Creek is passable prior to then. I hope Nacimiento is now passable…..I heard that Ellen and Merritt spent hours chain sawing downed trees somewhere up there the other day, then abandoned the task once they realized how many more trees needed to be removed…At this point the County Road website lists Nacimiento as open, but…..

  2. FYI-
    Nacimiento Rd is open, per Kathy of Monterey County Roads in San Ardo, as of 12:00pm today.
    -Suzi at PV School

  3. A large group of cyclists are headed down on Sunday morning….would love any suggestion for getting us through. Thanks so much for any suggestions. Are there any reasonable side roads that could detour cyclists? The support can go up and around from Monterey.

  4. A CHP is at a barricade at Gorda, for the north end of the Mud Creek slide and one should be at the south end @ Ragged Point. It truly is an active slide! Cal Trans geologists were on their way to Paul’s slide when they came up to Mud Creek and sent the CT equipment operators home and made it a Hard Closure for locals too.

    Scott W: If the situation stays the same (and I don’t see how it can be any different by Sunday) your cyclists won’t be getting through. There are no other roads and I don’t recommend Nacimiento-Fergusson for them, as narrow as that road is and more cars will be on it to use that as the detour over to 101.

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