South Coast, Big Sur – Almost an island, 1/14/17

Although locals can be escorted through Paul’s Slide which is just north of the Rock Shed, and south of Lucia, the Mud Creek Slide, about a mile south of Gorda, has slammed shut.There is a manned closure at Gorda. This is expected to continue at least through the weekend. We are expecting an update around noon.

There is a contingency of 256 bicyclists leaving Monterey today to head south. I wrote them and advised them to take 68 to 101, due to our closures. Nacimiento would be EXTREMELY dangerous, even more than usual, as those of us who live here have only that option, and it is very narrow, only one lane in one spot. I hope they heeded my advice.

As you all know, Palo Colorado Canyon has been closed at about 3.3 miles in due to a failed culvert and the collapse of the road. This one will take quite a while to repair.

As always, take care of each other, be mindful of the closures and potential closures, and use this lull between storms wisely, as I know all Big Surians will.


4 thoughts on “South Coast, Big Sur – Almost an island, 1/14/17

  1. I’m keeping an eye out for the noon caltrans update before i give everyone the bad news re the hike.

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  2. CHP at Gorda is not allowing hikers or cyclists past their parked vehicles, which are blocking both lanes of the chute just south of the cones in the highway at Gorda. So, no hiking around the slide to meet with someone on the other side, at least as of today. If this continues long term, hopefully they will flex that rule, at least for those living at Gorda mountain and vicinity.

  3. Thanks so much for this, Suzi. Just took Nacimiento. A bunch of yahoos on it coming over to the coast, we stopped a few, and finally just figured let them Ingnore the signs, get caught between 2 slides, need gas to get back over the mountain, and they can pay the current price $6.25 gal. at Gorda. Sometimes the best lessons learned are the hardest lessons learned.

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