Weather & Road Conditions, 1/22/17

8:30 am – I will post the road conditions from the Cal Trans daily update when received, but it is safe to assume Highway One is still closed in a number of directions.

CHP website indicates mud/rock/slides at River Inn, Lighthouse, and Hurricane Pointing – in addition to the ones we know of at Burns Creek, Paul’s Slide, and Mud Creek. Oh, joy. What fun today.

I just received an emergency flash flood warning for my area – which is probably for my Big Sur Zip Code. If you haven’t signed up, you should. I receive a text as well as a voice mail.

~ by bigsurkate on January 22, 2017.

9 Responses to “Weather & Road Conditions, 1/22/17”

  1. Hello All, big heads up that a very severe line of thunderstorms is approaching the big sur coast this afternoon and intense down pours exceeding an inch a hour is possible. If you havent seen the debris flows-above the burn scar- that occurred in the El Capitan watershed north of Santa Barbara i recommend checking out. That was a five inch episode and a similar scenario could play out this afternoon along the Central coast! This is a very dangerous weather situation if a thundercloud cell does implode over the coastal mountains!! Lastly a water spout or even tornado is not out of the question later today!
    Cheers and be very careful everyone, paul h


  2. thanks for the heads up, Paul!

    here’s video about flood that Paul H just mentioned –

    if link doesn’t work, here is article which has video embedded in it –

    more links:


  3. Paul H, thanks for the heads up. This does not sound good.


  4. Thank you. Everyone be careful. Try to stay warm and safe.


  5. Power line down in sycamore canyon.


  6. Carmel Valley and some east hasn’t gotten the expected hit, yet. Temperature’s warmed up. The rain’s been only briefly fierce overnight, very little wind, right now near 1:30pm 1-22-17 the rain has stopped since morning. The river moving swiftly, no word on Paso Colorado or local flooding. Tree branches down everywhere, a couple of neighbor’s live oaks losing BIG FAT 20 foot branches. The radio reports it’s all over in SF, rain-wise. Maybe a bit more, hail, thunder, storm passing.


  7. Hail, thunder and lightning at Pfeiffer Ridge.


  8. Well, Tassajara Road, above Jamesburg had plenty of wind and rain last night. Reminds me of living on Clear Ridge!

    My wheelbarrow started out empty by dark yesterday and had at least 2 inches in it this morning. After walking over property, i found my previous goat house blown apart, completely. Good thing my goat no longer lived there.

    Moved to more quiet bedroom and tied pillow case over my ears so I would not hear the elements. It worked a little bit.

    Rain is still coming down good on a regular basis now, this Sunday evening.
    I pray for snow tonight instead of rain for tonight. It is quieter.

    Sorry to hear about Deetjen’s. Sooner or later … there will be the day …

    Stay safe and as be as comfy as you can manage.


  9. correction: pillow instead of pillow case.


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