Cal Trans Update,1/23/17

10:45 – Big Creek, photo by Dave Nelson


Photo by Thomas Leahy of Esalen:


10:30 am – CORRECTION; NEW INFO—PAUL’S IS NOT PASSABLE/ESCORTABLE UNTIL NOON TODAY* (Ed. Note: Locals only and only going south, if history is any indication, and it might not be.)

10 am – Today’s update is exactly the same as yesterday. Still closed from Fuller’s to Raggeed Point. The escort for locals at Paul’s Slide is still there, but dated for Sunday. One would hope it will continue today until 3 as it did yesterday. But no way to know for sure.

If my coverage has been spotty, I have been sick since Thursday.

10 thoughts on “Cal Trans Update,1/23/17

  1. Staff from Esalen are reporting a slide at Big Creek – making Nacimiento unusable between the Anderson slide at Big Creek for anyone trying to get in or out.

  2. Hi Kate. I hope you get well soon. I am confused by your update. The Cal Trans website and phone line both say “closed at Anderson Canyon,” not Fullers. I’ve seen no communication about Fullers on any site for a few days. Thank you for all of your efforts. Dave Smiley

  3. DAve, Susana has been ANYTHING but clear, but yesterday she made it clear to me that it was closed at FULLER’s for tourists, and Anderson Canyon for locals. But frankly, that changes moment to moment

  4. Kate, get better asap.

    Your comment about slides at River Inn and Hurricane and Lighthouse was confusing. What’s going on there?

    About 2.3 inches recorded in Seaside for this wave of storms. Enough for us.


  5. Alan, those were a few days ago and have since been cleared. Date and hour is critical to keep info accurate and up-to-date.


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