Mud Creek Plans update, 1/22/17

Cal Trans Update from Geotechnical department on Mud Creek:

Update: Early last week Caltrans and Yeh and Associates, a local geotechnical consultant, assessed the Mud Creek Slide and determined that the material that blocked the highway was a relatively shallow failure nested inside of a much larger landslide complex extending far above the highway. We recommended removing the displaced slide debris to allow us to determine if the larger landslide or a portion of it was moving. Removing the material at the base of the slope allows for the slide material above to clean itself out in the rain, which is likely what has occurred in the heavy rains on Friday and this morning. Keeping the highway closed while that material moves is necessary to ensure the safety of the traveling public and our workers.

With the upcoming break in the weather this coming week we plan to reassess the site conditions and develop a mitigation stragety moving forward. Until we have the opportunity to perform another field investigation it is difficult to say what that mitigation strategy will be and how long it will take to implement. We will consider all viable alternatives and do our best to open the highway when it is safe to do so.

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