Deetjen’s damage, 1/22/17

Mud slides and trees. Photos by Abraham Newell.


~ by bigsurkate on January 22, 2017.

13 Responses to “Deetjen’s damage, 1/22/17”

  1. Oh no! Not Deetjens too.


  2. Thank u Kate. Yes, Deetjen’s is a set-up for problems, & will overcome! 👼


  3. Stayed at Deetjeens last night in upper antique and woke up to sounds of crashing trees about 7 or 7:30 AM. Mud slide occurred in parking lot next to creek house partiialy burying someone’s car. Several trees fell next to Castro cabin onto occupancies car. While tow truck tied to dislondge first car another slide occurred almost burying truck but driver was okay but car was buried further in mud. We left right after this as more trees threatened to come down. My husband and I are so sad and are praying for all the sweet people working there. We are so grateful for magical memories of this enchanted place and pray for a quick recovery as we head back to southern CA. Peace be with Deetjeens and all those that live there and those that have passed though.


  4. I hope all the people are fine. Looks like a lot of clean up with lots of Visqueen (sorry for the spelling of that heavy clear plastic).


  5. Thank for this info if tragic, oh how many hearts hold Deetjen’s dear. Staying so true to itself and its trees and ferns, flowers, fluffy comforters and fabulous dining. Let us know if there’s anything we can do.


  6. Fingers crossed. They’ve made it through many close scrapes in the past. Hopefully this time, too.


  7. Thank you Abe and Kate, Our hearts are with you both and Deetjen’s too. Abe. Know you live up there and hope you and yours are well. Take care, John Alvord & Anne Ashley


  8. Just heard from garrapata cyn off Palo col orado.multiple slides,culverts out, bridges to houses destroyed or slides etc.


  9. Really sorry to hear about
    Deetjen’s, one of our favorite breakfast places. Hope there wasn’t too much damage to the cabins and no one was hurt. Our prayers for everyone there and Big Sur folks.


  10. Just heard about mudslides and trees falling at/near Deetjen’s. Hope all are well and that cars, roads, etc. can be recovered and repaired. Hope also that none of the wonderful cabins or the main building are damaged. Di and I have wonderful memories of staying at Deetjen’s many times over the years, often with friends from southern California.


  11. Terrible! praying for everyone


  12. What is their current status?


  13. To all of you who provide the world with the joy and wonder of Big Sur….fear not! We are to the rescue! Please let us know if there is any more we can do.



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