Weather: A look back, a look ahead

So far for January


And for what is coming:


And NOAA forecast discussion from this am:

Longer range models are still bringing rain chances back to Northern California by the middle of next week. The GFS starts to increase southerly winds ahead of the system by early Wednesday morning with rain beginning in the North Bay by mid morning and
spreading south into the rest of the district by the afternoon. The GFS brings a secondary punch of moisture through Wednesday night, with showers ending by late Thursday. The 00z ECMWF delays the onset of precipitation by about 12 hours, but also ends the
precip by late Friday. While excessive rainfall is not expected with this system, given that soils are still saturated from copious recent rainfall, there is the possibility of at least
minor hydro issues and slides. In addition, winds with this system may be quite strong and gusty, particularly from late Wednesday into Thursday.

And here is the satellite photo sent in by Dave Allen:


5 thoughts on “Weather: A look back, a look ahead

  1. Rain total for Willow Creek @ 2000′ is 51.2″, 32.3 of those inches in January! The creeks are flowing nicely!! Loving the sunshine too!

  2. I checked the NWS satellite -Western U.S., water vapor, 16 km, and it is as clear as a bell that we got mo’ atmospheric river heading our way soon. There is a classic large low-pressure cyclone spinning in mid Pacific, driving that “pineapple express” from Asia to Hawaii, then around the bottom of the low cyclone right up into the Pacific Northwest. In our southwestern corner, that high pressure “anticyclone” is getting shoved eastward, which will let the whole works shift toward us.
    Yup, simple Earth Science…batten down the hatches!

    -Kate, I’ll e-mail the jpeg of that sat- shot if you want to post it.

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