Trailer Hitch through Windshield

Yesterday on the 101. I was taken to the SJ Regional Center – Trauma Center. The 10-20# trailer hitch hit me in the shoulder. Amazingly, I only have lacerations, bruising, and a whole lot of pain…..but I am okay. 6″ further toward the driver, and I would be dead. My poor angels have always had to work overtime. I am truly blessed. Rock Knocker is with me, and the RV is at the windshield place.


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  1. My thoughts and best wishes are with you. Too close for comfort, but we are thankful that you are safe and on the road to a healthy recovery.

  2. Holy S***!! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been! I’m glad to hear you weren’t seriously hurt. The window is replaceable, you are not. Wow. How did a trailer hitch end up through your window?

  3. So glad to hear the outcome was as minor as it was. Now there’s probably a lot of questions RE: where that trailer hitch came from! I hope your travels back home are less eventful!

  4. Thankful you are okay, Kate! Wishing you a complete and expedient recovery. Take care.

  5. Take time for yourself and heal. Glad you did not have a passenger. Feel better soon.

  6. Omg! You came within inches of being killed. Yes your wonderful angels are on the ball. I hope you heal quickly. Always looking forward to your blogs.

  7. I am so sorry that this traumatic event has happened to you. Please know that you are being lifted up with prayers, healing thoughts and positive energy. Blessings to you, Kate.

  8. You must have more to do in this lifetime . . . we are all so glad you were not hurt more seriously . . . just take it slow and easy . . . let yourself recover.

  9. Glad you are okay, Kate. Sorry you had to go through this. Greg & Di Cailliet, Monterey, CA.

  10. Those halo roof antennas do have a dual purpose, happy to notice you made it to a safe place & hospital staff have bandaged you up – in the meantime we will await the next step & recovery progress. I believe you will be 100% before the PCB project is complete… : ) .

  11. Damn! Just sittin’ there, minding your own business, and… crash.
    Glad that you are (mostly) alright. What a freak accident. Blessings.

  12. Thankful for your angels Kate. Glad it only hit your shoulder. Bizarre is correct. Thank You Universe.

  13. You’re endowed with that Big Sur spirit! Nothing will stop you, be it rockslides, floods, winds, rain or – trailer hitches. Know prayers, positive thoughts and cheer are being sent your way. (So happy to know you are alright!)

  14. We all need our angels, thank God yours are able to work overtime! I hope you will feel better soon.

  15. Glad you are okay and thank you angles! Did it come off the vehicle in front of you as you were driving down the road?

  16. Good grief!!! That is just weird. Glad you survived it all. Get that hitch & use it as an inspiration, door stop, garden hardscape, trophy. Wow, that is just amazing!

  17. Big Sur community was not ready to let Kate go. Strong Karma had to be in the works. Relax….get well.

  18. Healing wishes from all across our South Coast Big Sur community. You had an angel by you. May the Good Lord bless you, and Rock Knocker, too. We will survive through all that has been thrown at us…even that serious storm that will hit the coast Thursday night (When I’ll happen to be driving north on 101 and 880 myself). Take care.

  19. howdy kate. kt here, leaving Monsterey to go over nacimiento to lower plaskett. what do you need from town? call 831.915.9898. keep dodging!
    xox ~

  20. Peter, I am in town on the way to dr in Marina, then thru Paso and will pick up what I need, thank you for the offer.


  21. Katie, sorry, you were using Peter’s account, so that – and the knock out pain killers – threw me. Thanks for the offer.


  22. Omg, I hope you feel better soon. You are blessed to have your protector angels watching over you! Having experienced a couple freak accidents, I understand the gratefulness…be easy with yourself….

  23. Kate,
    On behalf of everyone at the Big Sur Sector of California State Parks we are so thankful that you are relatively OK. What a scary thing in a whole year of disaster. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  24. Glad your ok Kate!! How scary😳
    Thank God your angels are with


  25. What a shock! Thank God you are doing well! Sending Love and good healing thoughts.
    Laura & Victor

  26. Dear Kate, I can’t even imagine our world without you. And this gave me a scary glimpse. I see you strong, healthy and resilient. Rest, and know you are loved. I’m sending hugs from our mountain to yours.

  27. Thank you, dear Soaring. This very early Thursday morning, I finally have a glimmer of hope that the pain will eventually go away, because finally, it is diminishing. I do have some very bright and dark and large purple coloring on my upper arm, shoulder, and chest. But the pain, which has been excruciating is less, and if I don’t move, isn’t at all. That makes me very happy.

    I am so happy for all the well wishes, distance healing, thoughts and prayers sent my way, and believe it, it is working. I’ll be home later today, after shopping for easy fixings for meals for the next week, and should be 100% in a week or LESS. I am feeling very blessed by my angels and goddesses at Wed/Thurs’s bewitching hour.


  28. You are an angel yourself, Kate. Be gentle with yourself and recover fully. Prayers and blessings.

  29. I am recovering and being careful. I don’t seem to have a choice in that. LOL. I am better, but it is much slower than I thought it would be.

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