Entangled Whale

From Monterey Bay Marine Life Studies

Expected along the Big Sur coastline this evening and tomorrow morning!

An entangled gray whale that has a metal frame on its head was re-sighted off of Piedras Blancas, at 3:30pm today. We expect the whale to be off Pt. Pinos anytime from 3:15 pm on Thursday (4/6/17) through 3:15 am on Friday (4/7/17). It could be in Monterey Bay during the morning hours of Friday, 4/7/17 depending if it just crosses the canyon or if it hugs the shoreline in Monterey Bay. Please be on the lookout and share this post.

If you see this whale, DO NOT approach or try to disentangle it. DO stay with it: take photos and video, and note the location of the whale, the travel direction, whether it is solitary or with others, and its behavior (whether it is surfacing or diving, and the length of dive times) – and immediately call NOAA Entangled Whale Hotline 1-877-SOS-WHALE or hail USCG on CH 16.

Let us know if you are willing to stand by along the coast and search with binoculars. It could be off Pt. Lobos as early as 12:30 pm. Thursday, 4/6/17.
Photo courtesy of Michael White.

NOAA Entangled Whale Hotline 1-877-767-9425


~ by bigsurkate on April 5, 2017.

2 Responses to “Entangled Whale”

  1. The crap we leave on this planet continues to amaze me. More whales…less people.


  2. Thank You Kate for sharing.. Love ya.. Maryann


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