Hard Closure of Tap House Trail tomorrow, 4/11

From the Unified Command. 4/10/17

A reminder that the Pfeiffer Bypass Trail will have a hard closure tomorrow, Tuesday 4/11/17. This will be necessary due to a PG&E power pole rerouting. This rerouting will be done via helicopter and the area is adjacent to the trail. Hours of closure will be approximately 8:00 am o 4:00 pm. The closure will be staffed by State Parks at the north and south trail heads to allow for use when safe throughout the operational period. This operation may be postponed due to inclement weather.

There is NO access allowed across the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge area! Please take the trail through the park that the volunteers and CCCs spent so many hours working on so you could get back and forth. If anyone is injured in the bridge area work will stop until an investigation is done, possibly delaying work for quite some time.

Dogs are allowed on the Pfeiffer Canyon trail through the park, on leash only!

Thank you!

Martha Karstens, BSVFB, Gerry Malais, OES.

2 thoughts on “Hard Closure of Tap House Trail tomorrow, 4/11

  1. I love that new name. “The Tap House Trail.” Who first coined it? Did you, Kate?

  2. No, I did not coin it. I am not sure who did – maybe Meredith Gafill? She said it is a tribute to Kurt Mayer, owner of the Tap House, who has done so much to make sure people are stocked, and has kept his place open for locals against all odds. I like the name and the reason, so I adopted it, but did not coin it.


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