Complete Preliminary Bridge Renderings from Cal Trans




~ by bigsurkate on April 12, 2017.

7 Responses to “Complete Preliminary Bridge Renderings from Cal Trans”

  1. How do we get them to build it in half the time?

    Eric Mathewson
    Founder and CEO
    415 519 6655- cell

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  2. it would be neato if locals from the south side could put their hand prints in the concrete at south end and locals on the north side hand prints on the north end…the bridge will connect us once again!!

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  3. Looks quite nice…


  4. Eric,
    If you consider design time, eir, coastal commission, other permits, community input , multiple utility relocations, funding cycles, and construction a project like this typically takes 8-10 years. Believe me they are doing it in 1/16 to 1/20 the time.


  5. Thank you, Dag. People just don’t realize what an accomplishment is. You put that in perspective.



  6. An optimistic pic with only 2 cars on it!


  7. LOL. An artist’s vision of Big Sur after the bridge completion – the next day? A whole different ball game.



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