6 thoughts on “GPS Mishap

  1. My own GPS mishaps have been a bit more amusing…. Once while driving on River Road, I fired up the Google maps GPS on the phone to try to determine where to go next. Apparently I had passed through a space-time portal without knowing it, because the GPS insisted that I was in France…….. Another time, Salinas became the North Sea, and Monterey became Palo Alto. Other times it has worked perfectly. But because it’s so spotty in its reliability, I try to always have a good old-fashioned paper map on hand….

    Any update on the bad biker dude?

  2. Once many Julys ago a Jersey Rent-abego with 4 kids, mom and a very beligerant driver confronted the Harlan clan…cursing the awful nature of Hwy One, swearing relentlessly, demanding directions to a shorter route to 101…whereupon Harlan sent him over Naciemento…next AM the CB call was out for 2 wreckers…Jersey had wrapped his ride around the redwood at the first hairpin and was stuck overnight…wonder if he had a GPS…. I hava few more for later.

  3. Too funny on all these stories. Keep sharing, I know the stories will be endless!

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