Sunday’s Storm

It actually starts to come in a few hours before. The winter that will not end …


~ by bigsurkate on April 15, 2017.

4 Responses to “Sunday’s Storm”

  1. Winter has ended, Spring showers & temps, & 2 weeks will bring May flowers & Peony’s~~ Oh my Goddess!! 🌞🌞🌞


  2. Kate,

    Sensational weather today, a little haze, birdsongs enjoying the dry conditions and soft breezes. BOLO for the bunnies tomorrow.

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  3. Hi Kate, I loved your blog! so many important and real time informations…

    I`m planning a travel from San Simeon to Big sur (actually a stop by at Big Sur River Inn to dinner before arriving at Carmel), bypassing the broken bridge through US 101. This will be on abril 26

    So I` d like to ask you a couple of informations
    1) leaving san simeon at 11 am, how long it should take to arrive at my destiny, i.e. how long should it take?

    2) what is the weather like for these days ? i`ve been reading about some serious storms that ocurred recently


  4. Ivan, it is about 3 and 1/2 hours from Cambria. You will be bypassing the entire Big Sur Coast, as it is closed. You will take 46 from just south of Cambria to the 101, then north to Salinas to catch the 68 to Carmel. You icant “stop by” River Inn on the way to Carmel, as it is north of the bridge. You will have to make the trip DOWN from Carmel to River Inn – 30-45 mins – and back up to Carmel. As for weather, it started raining last night, and continues today.


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