Rain… 4/16/17

I walked Rock Knocker out a little before 3:30. I said, “It is raining.” He said, “No, it is not.” I said, “I can feel the moisture in the air. It will begin soon.” Five minutes later, it was raining. It has been raining steadily ever since. Not good for Mud Creek or Paul’s Slide. It will be important to see how much this storm brings us. It is here, again. At least it is not cold and there is no wind. It was very strange to feel the rain so strongly before it arrived.

~ by bigsurkate on April 16, 2017.

6 Responses to “Rain… 4/16/17”

  1. I’m even getting rain in the rain shadow…off River road…no wind


  2. Kate,

    I was walking the family pets during this time getting soaked..


  3. Kate,

    MCH: “Tassajara Zen Mountain Center to open late April”



  4. I am sure you and others are now “rain sensitive” after THIS Winter!!!


  5. I understand about feeling it prior. I think our senses have been exercising extra since SOBERANES…and we’re now actually aware of it. Something similar has been happening w/ me & “the rain” lately as well…. Could go on along these lines way too long…! Hope all is well w/ you all & the 4-leggeds. As always, best, h&b

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  6. Yes, I think we are ultra sensitive, these days. I hate to see how I will be during fire season.



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