Bear Dog’s saga

My dog, Bear, who ALWAYS hangs out right near the house and is immediately in for dinner when I call him at 6 pm, was missing. I called and called, every 5 mins I called. I went to the door and opened it to see if he was there. He is one who has never scratched or barked or otherwise let me know he wanted in, so I always have to check. At 7, thinking it will be my last check until just before dark, I went to check. No Bear. I close the door. Just as I am beginning to cry, I hear his distinctive whine, as he does when he sees the cats or me, or a friend. I open the door, and there he is. I burst out in tears. I couldn’t stop. I still can’t even though he is home and uninjured. These lives are too short and mean so much.

His mother, Dakota, is still around. She taught him well. He is the main guard dog. When he and his sister were approximately teen-angers, she used to take them on runs – long ones. She taught them the mountain and how to make their way home. Dakota would always be first home, but Bear wasn’t far behind. Miranda, a little overweight, was slower. But they always made it home. After a while, they knew all the paths, all the tricks, and they all stayed home. Tonight, he found his way home again. I am so grateful. But that little bugger is going to have to stay inside for a few days. He took 5 years off my life.

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  1. FYI-
    A mountain lion got into a Mill Creek goat pen and feasted on a female goat last night or the night before. The owners were away at the time and found the evidence upon their return. To pervert an old song, “Their ain’t no fence high enough to keep mountain lion away from ewe”……

    Glad your dogs know how to avoid that fate, Kate.

  2. My dogs come in early, but you can bet I will be keeping a close eye on them for days. I didn’t hear or see a thing, and it was afternoon. But one mountain lion came into Kinnick’s yard in broad daylight while he was outside and was stalking one of his dogs. Guess I’ll be hanging out outside with my dogs and my 357 for a while.


  3. So glad Bear made it home. I would have been sick with worry.

  4. Mother’s Day thanks to Dakota for raising Bear well. That said, Bear owes Kate approximately 2 lifetimes & who knows how many blood pressure points. Time for some apron strings. (Also, just this week, we’ve had an adolescent mountain lion up a tree in a residential area of Santa Cruz–actually, a ways down my street–& another close-by sighting.) There’s been enough heartache.

  5. Yes, I saw the report of the mountain lion in a tree near a shopping center up there. And what about the one that came through an open door at night and snatched the dog right off the bed about a month ago. Strange behavior for shy critters.


  6. The Sobernes displaced all wildlife; predators have to follow prey and prey animals are far less shy of humans(some prosper very well amongst us), so….
    Since the fire, I’ve seen lion scat a few times where I live and I never saw it before….
    SO glad about Bear’s return and SO happy for you!

  7. How much we love our wonderful friends! I just can’t call my doggie a dog anymore, but my friend. So happy your Bear is home safe!

  8. Kate, I feel your pain and know the drill. Very nicely stated. You are correct. Their lives are too short. Having said that…the good and pure love that these creatures bring to us is priceless. Happy ending!

  9. So very glad he made it home! I feel your pain – and I hate that feeling! I imagine he did too. Hope you got some extra doggie snuggles. 🙂
    And this is the first Spring since the Soberanes. Between that and the displacement, I imagine we will see some “unusual” behavior. I think I saw some new bucks this past rutting season and considering your proximity between the Soberanes and Chimney fires, you could very likely have some new neighbors.

  10. Full grown buck? That is unusual. I see little buckaroos (1-2 years old) all the time but once they become “big boys”… not so much.

  11. Counting buck horn method is regional, as I’ve been informed by an experienced hunter. I can’t tell you which method is used in California. So, Kate, either 3 point or 6 point is acceptable. I think it’s obvious if one says 3 points that there are 6 total points. However, if you say 6 points, no way could there be 12 points. That would be quite a sight, as well as record breaking!

  12. If Bear is resting a lot today, it may be because he was protecting his territory, yesterday- chasing deer over ridges and canyons.

  13. Yup, he is resting today, although he was not panting last night. There have always been deer, and he’s never chased them before. The cows are back, so maybe …

  14. The Mountain Lions and other predators are probably feeling braver now with fewer two leggeds around……good to keep your furry friend a little closer…. xoxo to Bear Dog!! …..and thank-you Kate for all you do!

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