7 thoughts on “Weekend Wildflowers

  1. Kate,

    Thanks for all you posts. The wildflowers are especially beautiful.

    I am not sure this is the right place to say something about trash but it seems to be the best for now. I dropped my garbage bag off at the Vista Point (mile marker 37.5) a half hour ago and it was overflowing. In order to get mine in I had to remove and repack some and then shove it all in so the door would close. It took me a good 30 minutes to accomplish this simple task. I believe we on the Big Sur Island can do better. Please everybody, make sure your trash is in the roll-off and the door is closed so the wildlife and wind doesn’t spread stuff all over. If the roll-off is packed please don’t leave your trash for others to clean up. Bring it back when there is room for it. I have called the Waste Management number on the dumpster and hopefully they will switch out with an empty one soon.

    Dave Smiley

  2. Dave, unfortunately, while WM planned to switch out the roll-outs, several of them (the 40 years) require a vehicle that cannot navigate Nacimiento. We have one at Mill Creek that is also full, and has been for a while. Fortunately, no one has left trash outside, as there can be no switch out for a while with Mud Creek having slid again so badly on Friday that the delivery caravan for the Bridge on the south end could not get through, and all the trucks had to drop their trailers and low boys to be able to get out offer Naci. We will have to be patient until this new wrinkle in our lives can be ironed out.


  3. Interesting…I saw at least 3 very long empty flat bed trailers heading south of the school (PV) and figured they were going out Mud Crk, even tho it was hard closed for deliveries and locals. I think this was sometime between 2 and 4. Maybe I figured wrong in that assumption, but it sure didn’t look like they were going out N-F!

  4. Oops, just read your BS Kate, “Saga from the South Island..” to see that the trucks really were unable to cross Mud Crk!
    Also, saw that it was your Birthday, so Happy Birthday and I hope you celebrate it righteously when you get to do that!

  5. Grace watched the trucks go south, then the same trucks come back north around 5 or so to go over Naci from the school parking lot. We saw them ON Naci, and others heading north toward Naci, as well as the trailers/long boys along the side of the road. Maybe a few got through earlier, but by 5, none were getting through.


  6. Hutchinson’s Delphinium? Thanks for pix. More, more, please!

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